About Us

The Block of Greater Houston, LLC focuses on the transition of individuals with special needs from school and youth to adulthood, employment, and independent living.  We provide self-help skills, social skills, awareness, and skills to independently navigate their social world.

Welcome To The Block

The Block of Greater Houston, LLC provides two year round programs for individuals with special needs.  Our Adult Day Program enables adults with special needs the opportunity to develop their socialization skills in order to thrive at home and in the community.

Our second programAdventures With The Block, provides weekend, school holiday and summer/winter break recreational and social activities for special need individuals 13 and up. Adventures will include activities such as festivals, beach excursions, concerts, museums and city tours.


Sensible Solutions

We provide practical and easy solutions for every individual with Special Needs.



Individuals with Special Needs will spend time in the community with their peers!

Beyond the Box

We strongly believe in providing innovative classes to engage our members.



Client Strategy

We help our members achieve and retain the greatest possible success.