I am a passionate enthusiast.  

Why would I use these words to describe myself?  Because I embody them.

I want to use other words like charismatic or adventurous but being a passionate enthusiast is what stands out for me or what others have told me.  I care…well I care a lot about people’s motivations. I would love to know what makes people tick:

Why are teachers, teachers?

Why do people love their job?

Why aren’t people treated fairly?  

Why can’t people live freely?

Why does judgment exist?

Well, I may not have the answers to these, but I can get people to talk about it by creating The Block of Greater Houston, LLC. The Block is a place to educate, but it is not a school.  The Block has unprecedented goals but will push the envelope to find the answers.

I am challenging all of my future employees, my prospective members of The Block and future volunteers of The Block to view life with a different lens. I promise that life as you know it will forever change once you embark on The Block of Greater Houston, LLC.